Tomosuke Nakayama

Tomosuke Nakayama ’s solo show

Tomosuke Nakayama ’s solo show Ma 間 The immense body of the emptiness presented by MAG Gallery of Como and TOMO Gallery of Kyoto and curated by Salvatore Marsiglione and Tomoharu Aoyama Opening on Thursday March 15th 2018 at 6.30pm  Tomosuke Nakayama ‘s solo show are open from March 15th to March 31st 2018 Como, March Read more about Tomosuke Nakayama ’s solo show[…]

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Adunis, أدونيس Ali Ahmad Said Esber, born 1 January 1930 Artworks for sale Biography Ali Ahmad Said Esber (Arabic: علي أحمد سعيد إسبر‎; transliterated: alî ahmadi sa’îdi asbar or Ali Ahmad Sa’id; born 1 January 1930), also known by the pen name Adonis or Adunis (Arabic: أدونيس), is a Syrian poet, essayist, and translator. He has written more than twenty books and volumes of poetry in the Arabic language as well as translated several Read more about Adunis[…]

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Fettolini Armando

  Fettolini Armando was born in Milan in 1960  Artworks for sale Biography Fettolini Armando spent his childhood in Brugherio, a little town in the neighborhood of Milan, “a borderland where we lived suspended” said the artist, “I couldn’t feel neither the main character, nor member of the audience, I have always looked for an identity”. Passion Read more about Fettolini Armando[…]

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Pedretti Antonio

Pedretti Antonio was born in Gavirate (VA) in 1950. Artworks for sale Biograpy Pedretti Antonio, he attended the painting school in the Sforza Castle and then he moved to the Brera Academy, that left in 1972. When he was sixteen, he prepared his first personal exhibition at the Ca’ Veglia Gallery, exhibiting some works that showed Read more about Pedretti Antonio[…]

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Contacts MAG Through MAG’s Contacts, you can write a message or interact with the map to organize a visit. We are always on line with the social network. Direct line to the Director Salvatore Marsiglione for European and American markets: +39 3287521463 in Italian +39 3395337334 in English and French Direct line to the Director Tomoharu Read more about Contacts[…]

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