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MAG –Marsiglione Arts Gallery

is a modern and contemporary art gallery based in Como and Kyoto, it directs  to a public of international collectors, but also to the local one including Milan and Lugano.

Each time that the art gallery produces solo exhibits both of great artists and  of a young emerging one it shows its deep identity.

Its personality hails from the technical competence of the Director, Salvatore Marsiglione, who comes from the world of ancient artworks’ restoration.

MAG crosswise concerns itself with more artistic branches, in its deepest soul you find contemporary painters, materic, abstract and figurative paintings of small or big dimensions, love for the Pop Art, conceptual artists and Futurism, sculptures in marble, bronze, wood and metal, graphic of multiples and unique sketches, photography, performances, poetry and literature.

During its first five years MAG has been organizing exhibitions, conferences, meetings and panel discussions with some of the most important Italian and European intellectuals.Only the great artists change the vision of things and MAG wishes to better know their point of view.

MAG bases its foundations on art history, and it is exactly  the acknowledgement  of its own role that has pushed it to follow and manage the archives of the artworks by three important Masters: Luigi Russolo, Antonio Pedretti and Armando Fettolini. This is for MAG a big pride and a praise of its professionalism, zeal and commitment shown during these years of work.

MAG was born in Como on May 29th 2009 with the important exhibit consecrates to Luigi Russolo in honor of the centenary of Futurism’s constitution.  MAG was born at Lake Como, but very quickly it requests a deep international openness and its first aim to swell towards the East has been achieved by the partnership with the gallery TOMO in Kyoto. In Japan some projects were fulfilled and more are going to be organized in the next future both in Kyoto and Osaka.

Effectively one of the purpose of the contemporary art gallery is to open itself to the world, in order to create a network which gives the possibility to enter in new markets and to offer more and more visibility to its own artists.

After these years of  experiences both in Italy and abroad , MAG is now able to design, organize and manage every kind of cultural event availing itself of its inner professionalisms and of partner companies.

Its artists are the real strength and pure energy of the art gallery based in Como,  they are (in alphabetic order): Adonis, Umberto Boccioni, Alessio Bolognesi, Giorgio Celiberti, Sandro Chia, Franco Donaggio, Armando Fettolini, Renée Jacobs, John Keating, Marco Lodola, Baldassarre Longoni, Giancarlo Marcali, Francesco Menzio, Max Papeschi, Antonio Pedretti, Maximo Pellegrinetti, Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, Marco Nero Rotelli, Luigi Russolo, Maurizio Ruzzi, Mario Schifano, Mattie Schilders

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