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Russolo’s archiving cost

Considering the importance and the rarity of Russolo’s works, we would facilitate the collectors’ investment:
Oil on canvas, on wooden board or paper, of the “Classical mod- ern” period: 350,00€
Oil on canvas, on wooden board or paper, of the “Futuristic” pe- riod: 500,00€
Oil on paper of the “Classical modern” period: 200,00€
Oil on paper of the “Futuristic” period: 300,00€
Etching of the “Classical modern” period: 150,00€
Etching of the “Futuristic” period: 250,00€
Pencil drawing of the “Classical modern” period: 100,00€
Pencil drawing of the “Futuristic” period: 100,00€
For all the other works, documents and photos we can agree upon the price.In relation to the number of works you would like to file or authenti- cate, you can pay by bank transfer to SALVATORE MARSIGLIONE, FINECO BANK, IBAN CODE IT81Y0301503200000002526517.
In the subject line please write: ARCHIVIO LUIGI RUSSOLO (that means “Luigi Russolo file”)If you live in a foreign country please use the BIC code: swift UNCRITMM+39 328-7521463 22100 COMO VIA VITANI, 31, 33 WWW.MARSIGLIONEARTSGALLERY.COM
Condividi se ti è piaciuto!

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