14 March 2018

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Book a visit to the MAG gallery in Como!

If you want to make a special visit to the MAG gallery in Como, indicate the day when you would like to come and visit it in person and we will try to satisfy you by confirming your time.

If there isn’t availability, we’ll make other proposals in the days before/post your preference.

The organization of the visits guarantees us to offer the lover of art a more constructive experience and to the collector a dedicated and personalized offer.

Click on the day most convenient to you in the calendar below in the footer and then enter your details for confirmation for the free visit.

For agencies, tour guides, companies and private groups, we have dedicated, exclusive and personalized services. Our services offer lectio magistrali, meetings, guided tour, restoration workshops for groups or individuals, in Italian, English and French. Ask us for a quote.

We will reply immediately.

Good visit to the MAG gallery!


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