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Historical Archives of the Masters Luigi Russolo, Antonio Pedretti and Armando Fettolini

Authentication requires the scrutiny of a technical and artistic commission which meets in its spaces in Como once a month.

Who had the artworks of our artists can follow the instructions below or can contact at +39 328 7521463 or send an email for authentication, storing and future publication in the general catalog.

Below you can find the form “Scheda Archivio” for authentication and the costs for each artist.

_ 3 color photos (size 18×24 cm approx) of the face of the Artwork
_ 1 color photos (size 18×24 cm approx) of the back of the Artwork_ If on the back there are signature or autograph inscriptions is required 1 color photo of the particular NOTE: THE PICTURES MUST ONLY REPRESENT THE ARTWORK WITHOUT FRAMES, PASSPARTOUT OR BACKGROUNDS AND MUST BE OF HIGH TYPOGRAPHICAL QUALITY
_ Pictures can also be sent by email._ The Archives Tab filled in every part_ Fiscal data of the invoice (Name, Surname Address, VAT and / or Tax Code)NOTE: The material will not be returned

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