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SAKAKIBARA Taro | 榊原 太朗



He try to express paintings using pen, ink and paper, which are the basic materials of manga production. 

He incorporate various elements of Japanese culture, such as the UKIYOE | 浮世絵of the Meiji period, the streets of the Showa period, and the video games of the Heisei period, into art works, and considers and creates what is the expression that only a Japanese cartoonist can express.
Cartoons are cartoons and single-frame comics, but people don’t have to be obsessed with them. Depending on how you interpret it, it can be said to be a field with various possibilities of expression. 

1983 Born in Okabe, Shizuoka, Japan

Living in Kyoto. Graduated from Kyoto Seika University Department of Cartoon.

Now working at the Kyoto Seika University as a lecturer

Solo Exhibitions
2017 ”Taro Sakakibara Hitokoma Manga Show”(GALLERY MAG, Italy)
“Cartoon Art of Taro Sakakibara”(Kintetsu Abeno Halukas, Osaka)
2016 ”JAPAN HOMME”(Verkehr Museum, Shizuoka)
“SHANGHAI TAIKETSU”(Gallery Sanjo Gion, Kyoto)
2015 ”JAPAN URBAN”(Iyotestu Takashimaya, Ehime)
2014 ”JAPAN FALLS”(Gallery Tomo, Kyoto)

Group Exhibitons
2018 ”OKABE TRIENNALE 2018  Decade Of Our City”(Ohatago Kashibaya, Shizuoka)
“Nostro Pane Quotidiano”(San Zenone all’Arco, by Galleria MAG Italy)
“Selected Artists of Kyoto2017″(Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto)
2017 ”Atelier of the Beginning -Niwakaame Act2-“(CCC, Shizuoka)
“Selected Artists of Kyoto2017″(Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto)
2016 ”HITOKOMA”(Diotti Museum, by Galleria MAG Italy)
“Niwakaame”(Granship, Shizuoka)
“Selected Artists of Kyoto Seika University”(Kyoto Seika University Gallery Fleur, Kyoto)
2015 ”OKABE TRIENNALE 2015″(Ohatago Kashibaya, Shizuoka)
“Chou Kyoto Art Kyoto2015″(Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto)
2014   “SH Contemporary 2014″(Shanghai Exhibition Center・Shanghai)
“Sou vol.2″(Iyotetsu Takashimaya, Ehime)

2017 ”Selected Artists of Kyoto2017″ Yomiuri Prize